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In short, I was a veterinarian, and became homeless due to a lot of medical issues, including severe chronic pain, blackouts, and addisons disease, a potentially fatal condition where the body loses its adaptive response to physical and emotional stress, causing problems with dehydration, heart rate and rhythm, muscle weakness, blackouts, and at worst, cardiac arrest. It requires supplementation with hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone, but this is far from perfect.

I'm currently in a shelter in Denver, but have to leave in Mid January. I've been working hard with mysocial worker and church on long term solutions, but so far have come up blank, though have some applications still pending.

Self portrait

The move

Having burned quite a few bridges down here in Alabama, not being in Colorado by next year would be a disaster - I'm scheduled to leave December 21 and should be up there by Christmas. I look forward to meeting ya'll. I'll have to get settled in but, after I get established, I plan (plan!) to be pretty mobile. This is retirement and what is retirement if you can't do stuff you want to do. I'm hoping I can begin tutoring at the schools around the Denver area. That would give me lots of flexibility.

Since I'm going to be new to your community, I joined the Were community back in 1999 and have been hosting the SEHowl since, oh, I guess, 2003 or 2004. Somebody else will have to take it over now (I think they have me covered). I'm also the propietor of the Therian Timeline. I know a few of you (in an Internet sense). I have some difficulty breathing above 9,000 feet but I suspect I'll adapt to that and I'm very outdoors so I expect to enjoy Colorado.

Barring any disasters, I'll be seeing you.
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Anyone still here? :-D


Whatchy'all doin' on the 13th? There's some talk in the Colorado thread of the Getting Together section on Werelist about having a coffee get-together at the Leela's coffeehouse on the 13th. I'm hoping to go *crosses fingers*  I'm so bloody excited at the prospect of getting to FINALLY meet other Therians in person I can hardly sit still! I can't wait to tell my boyfriend about it! :-D I really hope we can make it!


What about y'all? Anyone else up to coming?

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Old Timer Howling a Howdy!

It's been a long, crazy road the last few years, and the other day I realized that part of the reason I'm so lonely lately is because, simply put, I miss the company of others who understand my experiences -- basically, other therians.

Some of you may remember me, others may not. I'm Eris, a wolf therian who currently lives in Northglenn.

I was heavily involved in the therian community a few years ago (under the non de plume "Jabara Eris" on the Werelist and Awereness Forums), but then unexpected twists and turns in my life carried me in a different direction, distracting me from my connection to my inner identity and spiritual core. I've realized lately that I need to regain that connection if I'm going to be at peace with myself and my life's situation, and for that I'm hoping to reconnect with the ones like me who have the spirit of an animal within them.

For me, what defines a therian is the experience -- we can debate the whys and wherefores all day long and discuss philosophy and spiritual reasoning regarding the concept of being an animal in a human body -- but in the end, whether we follow a shamanic path or we're Christian or we're atheist or Buddhist or whatever, it's the experiences that define who we are and hold us all together.

For me, my therianthropy is defined by two main things -- the experience of mental shifting, in that I mentally "become" a wolf, thinking like a wolf and losing rational thought processes while living in the moment while instinctively behaving like a wolf would to the events around me -- and "cameo" shifting, in which I experience something at times called "species dysphoria," in which my physical body feels wrong and off kilter, and my physical identity changes such that I truly feel as if my body should be that of a wolf's in every way.

I have a feeling most of you have similar experiences, so I hope posting that wasn't redundant. *smiles gently*

So, anyway, I'd love to get together with some of you soon, maybe over coffee or dinner or camping or whatever (as long as the outing isn't too expensive, as I'm one of the po' folks these days). I also love games of all types (board, card and role playing), going to museums, and generally just shooting the breeze about philosophy and spirituality and such.

I'm glad to know some of the old muzzles are still around here. It'll be good to see you again, and to meet the new ones, too.

*wags gently, then scampers off into the woods*

-- Eris

p.s. A group of people I know are getting together on Saturday, October 15th, to carpool to the Colorado Wolf Sanctuary in Divide for a field trip to tour the site and visit the wolves in the enclosures. The trip's pretty darn cheap, with a cost of only about $20 a person, so this is a great opportunity, I figure. (FYI, the people are all quite open minded -- the event coordinator posted the event on Fetlife, a message board dedicated to BDSM -- so they wouldn't have any problem with us being there. And don't worry -- although it was posted on Fetlife, the event coordinator made it clear that this is a very public, non-BDSM event.) So anyway, if you're interested just let me know, and I'll connect you to the right people. *wags*
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To anyone who wishes to join in saturday at 7 me and my husband will be hosting a small get together including food. It will be going on until around 1am or longer so if you wish to join in just send me a message. If you have any food restrictions and plan on showing up let me know and we will accommodate as best as possible. Anyway message me for directions if you want to join in, may have some others here to from the local crowd that I dont see on the list here :)


Hello from me! I am Natulv, though I answer just as well to levi. Wasn't sure where to post my first message (still learning livejournal, been a member for years just used it very little). My husband and I are both wolves, and I speak for both of us when I say we look forward to making many friends here :)
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I've been interested in attending a therian meetup for a while but, well, there haven't been any, so I thought I might try to organize one, or at least find out if there's any interest.  I live near downtown Denver but am willing to travel a bit, within reason as I drive a lot & would prefer not to add to my gas bill.  So I guess the first question is, if there was a meetup (either a one-time thing or a regular meet) held, would you be interested in attending and if so, where would you like to see it held?  I'm thinking more area-wise here, not a specific cafe or anything like that.  Yet.
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Meetups? and Community Organization

strill posted about potentially having regular meetups. Didn't get much of a response, but...

I know feral_darkness would be interested, though she can only attend if it's on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday due to her work schedule.

I'm interested, but can only attend on Fridays or Saturdays.

I have a few other friends who would probably want to go, too. One of them (raven/elf) is available Fridays and most Saturdays, the other two (squirrel, arctic fox) are available most evenings.

Additionally! The energy work group I'm part of has teamed up with another group to try to get some community organization going for vampires/otherkin/therians. We've made a website here to try to make a calendar for all local events, much like the Pagan community in some cities (like Cleveland, and I think Denver too) sometimes puts out a calendar of local events.

So in the case that we do start having a regular meetup, we can add it to that calendar to try to get the word out.
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Regular meetups?

Howdy! Long time, no activity.

I was wondering if anyone would want to start up regular meetings? Like.. maybe once a month or so, just hanging out, talking or whatnot. Season's gettin too snowy for hiking, but maybe something else fun, like tree-climbing in the park.

Anyone interested?